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Is the Curly Girl Method for you?

Hey y'all,

So recently I've noticed a difference in my curls... and not for the better. Instead of being it's normal springy self my hair was struggling to have definition and super frizzy. I decided to go on a bit of a hair detox. What exactly did that involve?

Hair Detox:

- Clarify hair ( using a clarifying cleanser NOT ACV as this does NOT clarify hair)

- Avoid using products with Silicones

- Avoid using HEAVY butters and oils ( i.e. Shea butter, lanolin etc.)

- Use water based stylers such as : Deva Curl™ stylers, Kinky Curly™ Curling Custard, DIY flaxseed gel, or Eco- Styler gel.

Inspiration for hair Detox from:

I followed this Detox for about 2 weeks and I'm not kidding I saw such a HUGE difference! To be honest I was really skeptical of the whole 'Detox' thing but my curls clearly needed it.

Doing the Detox made me think though... since it was pretty similar to the Curly Girl method I wondered if ditching silicone, and other harsh ingredients for good would be the best option for me. So after doing more research, on forums and other blogs... I decided to do a modified CG method. I will use styling tools here and there and indirect heat ( Denman brush, overhead dryer etc.) which is off limits if you are strictly following the CG method. I'm about 5 weeks in to this new method and so far I'm impressed. I will say I wash and deep condition more frequently and shampoo less to avoid my hair drying out, but I honestly think I'll have to do this less as I continue with this new routine. Ok enough of my yapping check out the pictures below ....

I'll be back with an update soon but so far CG is a winner for me 🙌🏾


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