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Fall Fashions : How I styled this look for $20

 Hey y'all !

If you follow me on Instagram then you've seen my posts showcasing this look... but what you probably don't realize is that I styled this look for under $20...

You may be wondering how'd I do it?  Welp here are three tips to how I styled this outfit.

  • Check your local thrift stores - I've been thrifting wayyyyyy before it got trendy so I know the ropes well but many people don't realize how many quality pieces are in local thrift stores. Goodwill is one of my personal favorites because they haven't gone price crazy now that thrifiting has become fashionable and you can find great pieces in store. Like this blouse I scored for a cool $4 bucks. (shoes are also thrifted) 

  • Clearance racks are your friend - I have found great deal at retailers like Macy's and H&M when I hit the clearance sections, You can really find good pieces when the retailers are changing seasons, I make sure to look for items that will transition well. I scored this pants in NYC for 7$ from H&M.

  • Re-purpose your closet - Yep we all have that feeling that there isn't anything to wear in our closets but that's normally not really true. Think of innovative, fresh, and new way to remix items that have been in your closet for years. ( jewelry is from my existing wardrobe)

Now that your look Fab go prance around ... and make sure someone is snapping pictures. 


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