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New In: Mielle OG Pomegranate & Honey Collection

Hey y'all! So I'm super excited to be sharing my thoughts on yet another new collection from Mielle Organics. Now yet again I can immediately tell that this brand has had this new line in the works for quite sometime. Let's start with the packaging.... my delivery of these goodies came in a beautifully branded box ( I didn't want to throw it away ) and the products themselves are just a pretty, this might seem unimportant to some but I feel like packaging is literally the first impression a brand gives a consumer.

Next up is the smell ... let me tell y'all these smell amazing.... literally AMAZING! Ok now to the formula of these products ...

  • The leave-in is super creamy with a silky feel ... it plays well with ALL of the stylers too! Am I the only one who hates when leave-ins and stylers from the same brand don't pair well together ?

  • The custard is a gel like texture, it reminds me of Curl maker from Camille Rose, and the Shea moisture curl enhancing gel (but way less sticky) but it is super moisturizing on the hair and has a much softer gel cast which I really like. Kind of like a gel oil.... but be aware for my fine hair girls, or even those with thicker hair that like light weight stylers this one is THICK and HEAVY remember this was formulated with very thick hair and kinkier hair in mind. A little goes a long way.

  • The twisting soufflé is super rich and creamy but does give less hold on the kinkier spots of my hair (which i don't mind) ... I'd recommended layering with the custard if you've got SUPER thick hair ... My ladies that like soft yet moisturized fluffy curls your going to love this one...

  • The smoothie has a lighter texture almost the texture of conditioner.. that you'd rinse out the hair it's lighter in hold for sure but since these stylers play well together you can layer with the other products if your looking for more hold. This one is great for ladies with high density but fine strands you can have the balance between definition and volume that we all love !

As y'all can tell from my thoughts here what you purchase from this line will greatly depend on the needs of your hair, and what you prefer from your styles (volume, definition, etc.)

For me Mielle has done it again and really has impressed me... my personally picks are going to be the leave -in for sure and the smoothie ( my hair has been loving lighter, water based stylers). These products will be up for sale on the website, and in Sally Beauty stores in 5 days so make sure to grab them while you can!



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