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Deal or Dupe: My first Natural Hair Subscription Box

Ok y'all so don't be shocked but believe it or not... I had not signed up for any natural hair subscription boxes. I know I know, it's pretty crazy because literally anyone who is anyone either has or is signed up for a subscription box. There are boxes from everything from food and snacks to items for that time of the month. I've always avoided signing up because I don't like financially committing to things like that. I can imagine myself on the phone with a customer service rep explaining how I'd cancelled my subscription months ago but was still being charged. So uh yeah it was a no for me.

I recently was reached out to by Your Natural Hair Box and immediately I was super hesitant. I learned more about the company it's start up and the back story and I was sold. I especially love the fact that you can choose to skip a month with out any penalty and you don't lose your space on the subscription list ( commitment with out commitment) ! All the items for Your Natural Hair Box are full size, the August box featured Cantu, and Creme of Nature. I have a demo working with the products here .

All in all I'm enjoying the service and would recommend it especially since you don't have to feel locked in. You can check out there website here

BTW : I have discount code YNHB612 if y'all are interested.

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