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In Review: Mielle Organics The Mongongo Oil Collection

Ok y'all so unless your living under a rock with no access to social media then you may not have heard about the new products from Mielle Organics... but I'm gonna assume that's not the case :)

I've been working with this brand for over two years now and what I love is the time and attention to detail they have given to launching a new product line. I'm not throwing any shade... but I hate when brands do the most and have a new item out every other day, am I alone on this??? Ok back to the review. Mielle Organics sent me three of the six new items from the line to try out, but before we get into that what exactly is Mongongo Oil?

What's all the hype about?

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Mongongo Oil is an ingredient buzz word in the natural hair world lately with brands the likes of Ouidad and Shea Moisture jumping on the bandwagon, but like most buzz words the actual definition can get a bit blurry. Mongongo Oil comes from the nuts of the Mongongo trees (also known as Manketti trees) that can be found in Southern Africa. It is an ingredient know for its emollient properties ( which means it's a ingredient that softens hair and skin). It is often used for protecting the hair and skin as well from sun exposure thanks to ingredients like the naturally occurring Vitamin E . Mongongo oil has hydrating, regenerating, and restructuring properties. Okay so now that we have that out of the way how did the products actually perform?

Do they live up to the hype?

I started by working with the Pre-Shampoo Treatment , I made sure to follow the directions to the letter which I strongly recommend whenever your working with new products... reading is fundamental y'all! I then applied the exfoliating shampoo, and made sure to read the directions here as well, after leaving the shampoo on for 2 mins before rinsing as directed I washed out the cleanser. Immediately I noticed my hair felt so soft ! I was able to literally detangle my hair y'all with shampoo in it (gasps). Now on to the protein free deep conditioner, this treatment has a nice thick consistency after applying I used my Thermal hot head cap to deep condition for 20 mins. The results? Once again I had super soft fluffy hair!

The Final Verdict?

All in all I must admit the deep conditioner is good but just okay, I've used better moisturizing conditioners. I would however run to get the pre-shampoo, shampoo duo! I really have never had my hair feel so soft and easily able to detangle right away! I recommend the duo because I know they are designed to work together so swapping the shampoo out for another one probably wouldn't be as effective.

To see a full demo using these products check out my video here

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