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Why I rotate my hair products : I'm not just a product junkie :)

Ok so it's pretty common for most Naturalistas to be considered product junkies, which admittedly I am however there is a method to my madness. I'm being so serious y'all... yes I love trying out the new new as much as the next girl but I have also noticed that my hair responds so well to rotating my products instead of using tried and true items every wash day. I've four reasons why I rotate my products from my hair stash.


1. Seasons make the difference

I'm on the east coast so the weather fluctuates between being super dry and cold in the winter, and swampy humid in the summer. That means in the winter I'm grabbing thicker,creamier, moisture focused products. Once summer rolls around I'm reaching for frizz fighting, cuticle sealing products to keep my hair from turning into a giant fuzz ball.

2. The needs of my hair

I strongly believe in listening to your hair. Our bodies do a great job of giving us ques for what they need, and our hair is no different. If I've been lazy with my routine and my hair feels dry I'm reaching for the more decadent goodies on my shelf to give my hair some TLC. When my curls look a little off and limp I reach for items that are going to focus on protein, strength, and elasticity.

3. The look I'm going for

The final style I'm going for plays a HUGE factor in what items I grab for styling. For example, I like to stick to light leave-ins, and foaming setting lotions for styles like curl sets, roller wraps, and rod sets. For wash-n-go's that I want to last all week I grab long lasting gels that will give me definition and fight frizz. When I'm looking for a fluffier wash-n-go I go for oil creams, and styling butters. Picking the right styler for the look and style your going for make all the difference in your final results.

4. To avoid my products from becoming ineffective

Ok so I don't have any scientific fact sheets to back up my sentiments on this but y'all I'm telling you my hair will turn on a product if I use it non-stop. Don't think I'm crazy... I'm not ! (Back story time...) Ok so my first two years being natural I swore by my combo of Eco styler gel and Nature's blessing hair pomade.... I loved that combo and wore it out ... literally because my hair stopped responding to both. Yep, when I whipped out those stylers one day my hair was like girl no... naw ... not today. So yeah since then even when I fall in love with product I don't use it every wash day. I'm telling y'all since I've started rotating my products I really feel my hair has benefited... and it helps me bit of a product junkie :) win win!


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