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Wash Day Routine: How I keep it simple

For many Naturalistas wash day is just that a DAY.... and entire ordeal and struggle. It doesn't have to be I'm spilling all the tea of my wash day secrets...


1. Keep it sectioned

Easily the best way to make your wash day easier is to work in sections. This helps you avoid feeling overwhelmed.

2. Work with wet hair

Working with wet hair allows you to have more slip. Hair that's coated with water and a product is much easier to detangle.

3. Stay on a schedule

The more consistent I am the easier my wash routine is ( I wash weekly). Literally ever time I postpone it I only end up with more work the next time I wash.

4. Make your conditioner do double duty

I Use my Deep conditioner as a detangler because they normally have tons of slip ( I like to knock out detangling and deep conditioning step at once), and then I make sure to rinse in a way that won't recreate tangles in my hair.

5. Be positive

Don't roll your eyes... seriously how you view your hair routine has a lot to do with how long it will seem and honestly how long it will be. Put on some music, or your fave netflix show and get through it.


Check out a video example of my routine here: MY WASH DAY

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