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Eating Vegan while Traveling : My Top Tips

Going vegan ain't easy y'all. Now I am by no means discouraging it... I love being more intentional and aware with what I take in but that doesn't mean its always easy. One of the biggest areas that can be challenging is socializing and eating out. I'm taking it up a notch and tackling the idea of travel because who doesn't love to go out to eat on vacay?


1. Bring Travel snacks

Now maybe I'm alone but things just seem so much more extra and dramatic when I'm hungry. I'm serious like I really don't think straight and something a simple as a vegan friendly granola bar can mean a world of difference. No one wants to be hangry on vacay so play it smart. Dry goods like Kind bars ( look for the dairy free variety's) are usually able to be in a carry-on bag. Ok now that we can think a little clearer on to tip #2.

2. Use google Maps

I love that this app works abroad and it's awesome for finding and navigating you to near by food spots. This app will also give you and idea of the cuisine, price range, and average ratings. Thank me later ....he he he :)

3. Make friends with the staff

This is just a good rule of thumb when traveling in general. No one likes a rude customer so be friendly and keep culture in mind when asking about substitutions. Friendly staff will help you get something that's not really on the menu (trust me). They can even make great suggestions, I mean they have the insider tips they work there.


Until next time....

Bon voyage!


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