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My Current Natural Beauty Faves : Affordable

Hey hey there lovely ladies and gents. Natural beauty is one of those things that can seem super daunting to overhaul. Now although I'm not perfect when it comes to having all my beauty routine be completely natural, I have been making a ton of progress with it. In addition to the seeming daunting process of replacing all our beauty goodies for better options... it can also be down right pricey. Here are some of my faves thus far that will help you keep your coins and feel better about your routine.


1. Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap (All Varieties) $10-15 for 32oz.

This stuff right here y'all!! It literally can do just about everything. Need a face wash? It's got you. Need a body wash? It's got you again. Need an eco-friendly laundry detergent. Yep still got you! Seriously there are recipes along the bottle with all the uses and there are lots!

2. Bentonite Clay - $12-20

This is yet another great natural beauty product. It has a range of uses from hair mask , to skin care mask, and even as and arm pit detox (one of my favorite uses). There are affordable jars of this clay mix found a retailers like whole foods, and Yes! Market (if you live in D.C). I've gotten a bit more uppity lately and love the Purity Clay Mask from Heritage 1933 ( if you want to check out the brand I have a discount code: MARYG

3. Lush Toothy Tabs- $10.95 per jar

This product is totally worth the money. It lasted me so long and is a great natural toothpaste. Did I forget to mention how much this helps whiten teeth??? Oh yeah its bomb yall!

4.Coconut Oil- $10-15

Yet another Natural wonder there are so many uses! I use it for hair treatment, D.I.Y body scrubs, Oil pulling, and let's not forget a natural body moisturizer. I personally splurge on the Dr. Bronner's variety but if your not picky any coconut oil will do. If you have issues with coconut oil you can get similar benefits from oils like grape seed oil or olive oil.


These are some of my current faves. Don't worry I'll be back monthly with more Natural Beauty goodies that will keep you on your budget!

Smooches ( Regine from living single voice)


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